VyprVPN Review  – Excellent Speed, Privacy, and Performance

VyprVPN Review 2019

VyprVPN Review

VyprVPN is probably one of the most robust and solid VPN services to date. It’s based in Switzerland which paints a greener picture for those who are seeking complete anonymity on the web. In this VyprVPN review, we will look into the features of this VPN and why it’s possibly the best choice.

Background of the VyprVPN

VyprVPN is a product of Golden Frog, a Swiss company that’s known for its bold stance in fighting internet privacy. Its founders Carolyn and Ron Yokubaitis said that the conception of VyprVPN is a response to the infamous Room 641A scandal.

The Room 641A is the secret room inside the AT&T switching center in San Francisco which housed illegal data mining. The internet traffic was illegally forwarded to the NSA.

Upon knowing this, we set our expectations high for this VyprVPN app.


  • Guaranteed zero-knowledge DNS
  • Great value for money
  • Can unblock Netflix
  • Live chat support is available
  • Topnotch speed


  • Abides by strict copyright laws
  • Payment is only available through PayPal, credit card, and AliPay

Important specs

Presence: 70 countries, 700+ servers

Location: Switzerland

Log files: Zero logs

Encryption: AES-256

Protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, IPSec

DNS leaks: Zero DNS leaks


Key features

Before we dive into the discussion of VyprVPN Pro vs Premium, here are the key features you should know from VyprVPN:

Speed and performance

When it comes to speed, we can say that VpyrVPN is for the books. It’s at the top of its class. In fact, it recorded a download speed of 98 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection through a European server. Still, some servers don’t work quite well but still acceptable as compared to its competitors.

However, the U.S. servers are lackluster and will make use of some improvements in the speed department.

Overall, VyprVPN is well optimized and can yield the best speeds if you choose the right servers. Most of the time, the servers will give excellent latency and decent speeds.

However, we also discovered that some servers have mismatched locations. For example, the Macao servers seem to be in Pittsburgh or the Columbia servers seem to be in Florida. Still, we don’t see this as a big problem as long as it works and it doesn’t compromise our privacy.

User experience

The best thing with VyprVPN is it’s effortless to set up across devices – Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and even Linux. Installing VyprVPN download Mac is effortless and straightforward. Non-techie users won’t have a hard time using this VPN.

Although it has strong security features, VyprVPN opts for a simpler interface. Everything is filed per section and the entire UI is very intuitive. This VPN has no frills or overcrowded graphics. You can easily change your server in just a click or two.

With simple navigation and custom settings, there’s no reason users can’t configure VyprVPN properly.

Privacy and security level

When it comes to privacy, we have high expectations for this VPN. Considering that it has a strong stand for internet security, its hype should live on its actual features.

Basically, VyprVPN uses the standard AES-256 encryption which is the same as what most VPN services use. It’s also the standard encryption technology of the NSA, FBI, and CIA.

But their protection doesn’t stop here. Since most government censorship laws will dig deep using Deep Packet Inspection or DPI, VyprVPN is equipped with Chameleon Technology.

Golden Frog’s proprietary Chameleon Technology adds another layer of security by scrambling OpenVPN packet data. With this, you can browse without being detected by DPI scans. This feature is golden for those living in countries like Turkey, China, and Russia.

However, we have some bad news for iOS users. Due to iOS restrictions, Chameleon Technology is only available on Android, Windows, and Mac.

But how about VyprVPN’s logging policy? The platform claims that it doesn’t store your logs, but it seems that this is just a half-truth.

After reading their Privacy Policy, we discovered that VyprVPN actually stores some of your data for 30 days. It includes the number of data bytes, VyprVPN IP addresses used, and connection start and stop time. But just recently this 2019, VyprVPN ditched this practice and is now log-free.

Torrenting and streaming

VyprVPN works in geo-unblocking Netflix only if you choose the right server. To be fair, Netflix has been continuously blocking VPN IP addresses and it’s quite inevitable for some VPNs to get detected.

Based on tests, New York and Chicago servers work flawlessly. However, the likes of Canada, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom are already blocked.

As for torrenting, you have to take caution. As much as you can transfer P2P files and use torrent, VyprVPN can terminate and block your account should you violate any copyright laws. This will happen without refunds.

Although VpyrVPN claims not to monitor your torrenting activities, it seems that their policy paints a different picture.

VyprVPN price

VyprVPN currently offers two plans under the Personal VPN product. The VyprVPN plan starts at $3.75 a month for the first time. However, this can only connect up to three devices and it doesn’t have the Chameleon Technology.

If you want to experience the best privacy, try the VyprVPN Premium. It costs $5 per month on the first year plus it can connect five devices. This plan also has the Chameleon Technology and VyprVPN Cloud.

Here’s the pricing chart:

This comes with a 3-day free trial though it’s not stated if the plans are covered with any money-back guarantee.

But in case you’re not happy with the service, canceling your account is pretty easy. You just go to your Account then click “Cancel Service”. You’ll be prompted to answer why you’re canceling and it’s done. No fuss.

Customer support

There are two ways to reach the VyprVPN support team: either by live chat or their ticketing system. Both have improved over the years and we can say that we’re satisfied with the answers we got.

The response has been faster as compared on the previous years. Although some of the answers aren’t what we need, we easily clarified the concern since the team responds quickly.

We hope that this VyprVPN review helped you asses VyprVPN’s performance. If you have something to add, feel free to let us know.