Private VPN Review 2019: Is it Reliable and Worth a Try?

PrivateVPN Review

PrivateVPN Review

For a secured and better browsing experience, software developers introduced the importance of data encryption through the use VPN. Such tool enables users to transfer and collect data without being seen. It hides one’s computer data and activity from potential interceptor as well, which is vital for individuals like businesspeople who often do online transactions. Private VPN, for instance, shows such characteristics but with advanced and high-performing security features.

PrivateVPN is among the best and reliable internet privacy solution in the industry today. It is known for its security-conscious software and excellent customer service. As such, if you are considering it, continue reading the article as we will look deeper into its key features and benefits.

Why Private VPN is Worth a Try?

Developed by a Sweden-based company, PrivateVPN is an award-winning and one of the leading data encryption services in the industry today. It has a total of 100+ servers across 57 countries all over the globe. It has top of the line and robust features as well, allowing its users to reach high-security performance. And compared to its counterpart, HideMyAss, the software provides zero logs. Apart from that, it can cover up to six devices simultaneously too. It also has separate clients for MAC, Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

PrivateVPN is an award-winning online privacy tool. On the last Best VPN Awards, the company was acknowledged as one of the world’s leading data encryption service for having excellent customer care support. As such, whether you are looking for a service that could easily unlock foreign websites and contents or a customer-oriented company, PrivateVPN is an excellent choice.

Other strengths and weaknesses of Private VPN:

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Livret Jeune-1 % brut jusqu’à 10 000 €
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Cost and Bundles

PrivateVPN offers its service for slightly high yet reasonable price. It renders its service for three payment time frames: monthly, quarterly, and annually. For the monthly subscription, customers will have to pay $7.67 per month while its quarterly payment costs for $4.88 per month ($14.63 for one billing). Its 12-year package, on the one hand, starts at about $3.82 per month (9.60 per year). And depending on the subscription period, the price may vary. Also—if you take a closer look at its prices—the longer the time, the cheaper the cost is.

All plans come with the same set of features: 6 devices (simultaneous use), Unlimited GB Bandwidth, and Bitcoin payment. PrivateVPN offers a free trial as well. And say, you are not satisfied with its performance, you will get a refund through its 30-day money-back guarantee. When it comes to payment, customers can pay via PayPal, Credit Card, or Bitcoin.


Free trialCan access Netflix USTorrent is available24/7 live chat
Convenient payment methodsEncryption24/7 email support
Multiple connectionsVPN protocolsHas knowledgebase
Unlimited bandwithPassed the DNS leak test
30-days refundKillswitch available
Worldwide server
Compatible with desktop OSes
Compatible with mobile OSes
Router installation is available
Browser extension

1. PrivateVPN Kill Switch. Hackers are stubborn and persistent. And sometimes, VPN’s security fails too, allowing these professionals to break through one’s computer and procure confidential information. To prevent tricky incidents like this, PrivateVPN included a Kill Switch in every bundle. It automatically kills or shuts down the user’s internet every time the tool disconnects.

2. DNS and IPv6 Leak Protection. These two features work as a way to keep all users from suspicious connection and websites. It maintains the connection’s stability to avoid leaks and further issues that might ruin the VPN’s security. Hence, it enhances the VPN’s internet privacy level.

3. Application Guard. Sometimes, Kill Switch is not enough. And to compensate that, this tool acts as a second gate after it. What it does is that it lets users check and configure applications that require immediate termination after the VPN connection failed. In short, it elevates PrivateVPN’s security performance.


Sweden is a strict country when it comes to consumer protection and data retention. And since the company which developed PrivateVPN is based in Sweden, the data encryption service is required to implement a policy based on the country’s customer protection laws accordingly. For that reason, the VPN service is tight when it comes to giving away information of its customers—even government institutions are prohibited from gaining access.

PrivateVPN implements a zero-logs policy. Compared to its competition HideMyAss, gathering, collection, and storing of any data/log activity from users is prohibited. And as what was mentioned earlier, it only asks for necessary information such as the user’s name, email address, payment method, and password.

However, the company collects non-identifying data through cookies when users visit their web page. Although such action exists for a brief period only and gathers non-identifying information—how the website is used, for instance—some are worried that such data can be analysed and used for something else.

Still, PrivateVPN guarantees all its customers a high-security performance and would not allow any actions that would give away its users’ data.

Performance and Reliability

  1. Installation and Account Setup. PrivateVPN is a customer-oriented software. The company built it for that particular purpose so that whether the user is a tech-savvy or not, both can access the product without difficulty. Setting up an account, for instance, is a straightforward and quick process as it takes a few minutes only. And with its comprehensible and accessible step-by-step procedure, the client installation is simple as well. Once done, users will be greeted with a simple blue-colored interface. Prompts will then appear for further instructions.
  2. Speed. Based on different speed test results, the software’s rate is average. In a test conducted by Best VPN, PrivateVPN got an average download rate of 52.59 Mbit/s and is considered as too fast compared to its competition. Its maximum download speed, on the other hand, went up to 139.62 Mbit/s. And for its price, many believed that its maximum rate is monstrously swift.

Customer Support

When it comes to technical and other VPN-related issues, PrivateVPN has provided its users with a customer care service. Users can ask and reach a representative via email and live chat. However—although its email support is 24/7—users noticed that its live chat is not available 24/7. Still, once the agents receive a user’s question, they respond to it accordingly and as soon as possible as long as they are available. On a lighter note, users can check PrivateVPN’s website and visit its blog page wherein a few troubleshooting guides are posted on the page.

Final Verdict

PrivateVPN—as what its features and privacy policies tell—is a reliable, trustworthy, and worth a try data encryption tool. From unlocking foreign contents to thwarting off potential interceptors, it can provide full-suite security to keep one’s identity and activities safe. It comes with a reasonable price as well as a set of features. As a result, it became one of the leading VPN services in the globe today. Thus, whatever your purpose is, PrivateVPN is an excellent software to help keep your identity, activities, and transactions secured at all times.