Panda Security VPN Review 2019: Advantages & Disadvantages


Panda Security VPN Review 2019

Panda Security VPN Review


Panda Security VPN is the newest product of the Panda Security Group. With this, you can stream, download, and browse without being monitored or watched by third parties. And in this Panda VPN review, we will see if this service is worth the try.

Since Panda VPN is just a new service, we can give some faults a pass. It’s a work in progress and we believe that it will experience drastic improvements in the years to come.

Overall, this is a decent VPN. Here, we dug deep to identify the strong and weak points of this platform:

Background of the Panda Security VPN

The Panda Security VPN is a product of the Panda Security Group. It’s an international company that offers a whole set of security online security features. They also fight, repair, and prevent damages incurred by malware and viruses.

Although their VPN is new to the market, it’s one of the most comprehensive choices this year. It has a free version and premium plans for those who want to experience the full spectrum of its features.

Overall, this VPN is ideal of casual browsers and those who are using the internet without intensive security needs.


  • Can be accessed through Panda Dome AV
  • 5 connections per license
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Decent speed
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Decent protection and privacy


  • Device support can make use of improvements
  • Recorded DNS leaks
  • A little too short on features

Important specs

Support: 24/7 technical support

Presence: Thousands of servers, 18 countries

Data transfer: unlimited

Connection: 5 devices

Users: 30 million +

Encryption: AES 256-bit


Key features

Here are some of the features that we find golden on the Panda Security VPN. Check if it suits your needs for privacy:

Performance and reliability

Overall, we can say that the Panda Security VPN has decent speed. Still, it’s not at par with any of its famous competitors. Only European servers seem to perform best during tests. Still, the fact that you can switch servers unlimitedly is a consolation.

Also, they allow connections to some regions that are not usually tapped by other VPN services. This includes India, Hong Kong, and Japan.

Torrenting and unblocking streaming sites are allowed but not all servers can deliver optimal results. Take note that Panda didn’t give any recommended servers for the said activities. You’ll have to perform a trial-and-error phase to unblock geo-restricted sites.

Still, at some point, Panda defeats other VPN services in terms of speed. But just like other providers, the speed and performance of this platform will fluctuate from time to time.

Privacy and protection features

If you’re a casual browser who just wants minimum privacy and anonymity, you can do well with Panda. However, tests also showed that this platform has DNS leaks that reveal the actual location of ISPs.

Overall, the VPN doesn’t take pride in unique features. It’s straightforward and very simple. Those who are looking for comprehensive security may find it disappointing.

Some Panda Security reviews claim that Panda uses Catapult Hydra for their protocol. This is the proprietary protocol of AnchorFree which is also the developer of another VPN called Hotspot Shield.

However, Panda isn’t specific if it actually uses such protocol. If so, it’s added security layer since Catapult Hydra establishes a solid path for browsers.

Lastly, you should know that Panda doesn’t have a kill switch. If your connection got interrupted, there’s no automatic shutdown feature that will protect your privacy.

Ease of use

Overall the VPN and all the tools inside the Panda Suite are lightweight on system performance. Also, installation is pretty effortless too.

Take note that you have to download the Panda Dome to access their VPN. This is just a small issue since you can easily activate the VPN in a few clicks. There’s a toggle button that will let you activate and deactivate the VPN on your liking.

Since this VPN also comes with a free version, users can test it first before deciding if they want to avail a paid plan. It’s also easy to manage and even those who are new to VPNs will have an easy time.

The user interface of Panda is simple but not extraordinary. This is something we can live with given that everything is accessible at a single point.


Currently, there’s Panda VPN for Windows, Mac, and Android. For iOS users, they’d have to wait a little longer since Panda is yet to announce the release of an iOS-compatible version of their VPN. Still, iOS users shouldn’t shy away from this platform as a new release is set in the future.

Also, each license of the Panda Security VPN can connect up to five devices. This is already impressive since some VPN services only accept a maximum of three connections.

Customer support

Take note that the customer support for the Panda Security VPN is the same as the antivirus and other tools. There’s a help center where you can access FAQs for simple issues that you can troubleshoot on your own.

Also, there’s a live chat and phone support for those who have urgent and technical problems that need help. If you can afford to wait for an answer, you can send a support ticket that can be answered in the next 24 hours.

If you’re looking for other means, you can contact Panda through Facebook, Twitter, or even Google+.


There are two plans available for the Panda Dome VPN. It’s a choice between a monthly subscription and a three-year contract where you get to save up to 70%.

Both of the plans have similar features like unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 support, and 5 device connections. If you’re not sold to putting your money on it, the Panda VPN free download will come handy.

In our opinion, this is a bit too pricey as compared to bigger services like NordVPN and ExpressVPN. And with the DNS leaks that showed during tests, it could be a bit discouraging to avail.

We hope that this Panda VPN review helped you check if the service is worth the try. It has ugly parts, but the good ones are beneficial for casual browsers.