HideMyAss VPN Review 2019: Cost, Packages, & Benefits

HideMyAss VPN Review

HideMyAss VPN Review

The internet is a public and unsecured place. Everything that one does is collected and stored, allowing professionals to intercept and see data—passwords, bank details, and address for instance—that are supposedly off the record. On a lighter note, data encryption tools like VPN’s can help to keep vital information private. HideMyAss VPN, for instance, is among the best VPN service available today. It is affordable, user-oriented and has excellent customer support to help its users.

In this article review, we will discuss the top reasons why—whether you are an entrepreneur or an ordinary employer—HideMyAss is an excellent VPN service.

Reasons Why you Should Consider HideMyAss VPN

Owned by Avast, HideMyAss is a VPN solution that features a robust set of benefits. From streaming performance to user-friendliness, it takes its user’s browsing experience safer and better. It has, on the one hand, a few downsides that people may deem it unreliable. The LulzSec hacker incident, for instance, made alarming privacy concerns within the community way back 2011. According to reports, HMA cooperated and handed its logs to the police which helped to track the hacker down. Since then, the data encryption service became popular— both for its positive and negative sides.

Still, its overall usability outweighs its flaws. It is why despite it a lot of people still consider using their service. It is especially true with its extensive network of servers with a total of 790+ across 190 countries all over the globe. Apart from that, it has a custom app built particularly for iOS, Android, Windows, MAC, and Linux operated devices. It has a vast knowledge base as well to guide customers regarding the installation process and other issues that need troubleshooting.

Compatible with:Recommended for:
YouTubeSecured data encryption
HBOAverage streaming performance
BBC iPlayer


Packages and Pricing

HMA offers its service into three bundles: the monthly, annual, and biennial plan. Each of it comes with the same set of features. However, the price may vary depending on the package’s subscription period. To better understand, below are brief explanations of the three plans.

1. Monthly Plan. Compared to other VPN services, HMA’s monthly costs slightly expensive for the features it sells. For $11.99 per month, the customer will have unlimited GB bandwidth and can be connected with five devices only. The latter, however, is too low in number compared to its counterpart NordVPN. NordVPN sells its monthly subscription with the same price but with a higher number of devices. Thus, it is not cost-effective.

2. Annual Plan. Starting at $6.99 per month ($83.88 annually), HideMyAss annual package is composed of five devices and an unlimited GB bandwidth. Just like its monthly bundle, users find it entirely unreasonable although it is cheaper than its counterpart ExpressVPN.

3. Biennial Plan. For those who prefer more extended subscription period, HMA is a good option as it offers a biennial plan. In its two-year package, customers will have the same features included in the first two bundles. However, many find it overpriced. Unlike its competitions, the package is two times higher.


As mentioned, HMA is consisting of a variety of robust data encryption tools. That said, here is an overview of HideMyAss features:

Free trialCan access Netflix USTorrent is available24/7 live chat
Convenient payment methodsEncryption24/7 email support
Multiple connectionsVPN protocolsHas knowledgebase
Unlimited bandwithPassed the DNS leak test
30-days refundKillswitch available
Worldwide server
Compatible with desktop OSes
Compatible with mobile OSes
Router installation is available
Browser extension

Privacy and Security

When it comes to privacy, HideMyAss has both positive and negative feedbacks. The LulzSec hacker case, for instance, put the VPN service in the spotlight after it cooperated with the police that leads to the arrest of 23-year-old Phoenix resident Cody Kresinger in 2011. Reports said Kresinger was using HideMyAss while breaking into Sony PlayStation network. HMA then cooperated and handed its logs to the police, which help to locate and arrest the suspect.

The incident created an alarming doubt within the VPN community. But the VPN service defended itself and wrote a blog post saying, “these types of services that do not cooperate are more likely to have their entire VPN network monitored and tapped by law enforcement, thus affecting all legitimate customers.” They created a logging policy as well to explain further its logging practices and why it is not detrimental to its current and potential users.

On a lighter note, it only stores details such as the connection/disconnection time and the bandwidth usage. Hence, HMA is a privacy-concerned yet also a law-abiding and ethical company.

Performance and Reliability

1. Setup. HMA’s installation process is straightforward. Users only need to visit the website’s download page and click the download button. The company has a separate app built for every operating system as well. As such, make sure to download the right application only.

The installation time is quick too. It may, however, vary depending on the device’s operating system. Say, if you are using Windows, the process is simple and will only take a few minutes as the app did not require too much on the user’s end. On the other hand, Linux users need to unzip several scripts and other technical requirements to complete the setup. Hence, it may take more time compared to Windows.

2. Speed. HMA offers average performance when it comes to speed. The result, however, may vary depending on the location. On a test conducted by Cloudwards.net, it suggests that—although distance could affect the VPN service’s speed—some areas such as Tokyo and Sydney are fast and optimized even the user is not on the said place.

Final Verdict

As the world continuously moves towards digitalization, it is undeniable how apparent the value of the internet is in this day and age. From banking to shopping, most of the everyday and essential activities people do takes place in online platforms. It has become a part of one’s daily routine whether the individual is an entrepreneur or an ordinary employer. Thankfully, data encryption services such as HideMyAss VPN were developed to help secure that everyone has safe digital space. Now, anyone can keep their valuable information private and away from hackers.